Olive Oil

Israeli Olive Oil – Zeta

Olive Oil from the Land of Canaan

Israel is world renowned for its delicious fruits and vegetables. The Olive Oil in this region has a unique taste and aroma that is unavailable in the Western markets.

Zeta Olive Oil picks the olives from some of the oldest orchards on earth, including orchards on Mount Carmel, ancient orchards on the Jerusalem Mountains, and on the Hills of Galilee.

Orchard to Bottle – Olive Oil Extraction

Zeta's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is first cold pressed from carefully chosen olives; hand picked at the optimal time and screened both at the orchard and at the extraction plant. The olives are first cold pressed within a few hours of harvesting.

Our Olive Oil is stored in temperature controlled containers, protected from sunlight and oxygen and bottled specifically per order.

High Standards – Olive Oil taste tests 

Every barrel is tested for the properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and for the organoleptic properties of flavor, aroma and texture.

Tasted by a panel of twelve experts, the oil is given an overall score in addition to a taste profile (fruitiness, sweetness, bitterness, spiciness, balance).

As in wine, the profile is influenced by the orchard, season, maturity level of harvested fruit and the variety.

Israel has two unique varieties of olive that are unattainable outside of the region:

The ancient Souri and the delicately perfumed Barnea.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil cold pressed 500ml
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Gift pack - 3 flavours - Lemon, Bazil & Garlic, Red Hot Pepper
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