Company Milestones


Klonimos Wolf Wissotzky

Klonimos Wolf Wissotzky founds the Wissotzky Tea Company in Moscow. The quality and excellence of his products become quickly known and he acquires a large number of faithful customers throughout the length and breadth of Imperial Russia and in neighboring countries.



Wissotzky Tea Company expands its commercial operations throughout Europe. A branch of Wissotzky is opened in New York in order to meet the meet the rapidly growing demand for its products among the Russian expatriate population who are not prepared to compromise on their favorite tea products from their old homeland.


Shimon Zidler

Shimon Zidler, a scion of the Wissotzky family, establishes a tea factory in Israel (at the time Palestine under the British Mandate) in order to supply the products to the neighboring countries.


1963-Wissotzky House is opened in Tel Aviv

In keeping with the original plan of the founder of the company and its first manager in Israel, the late Shimon Ziedler, the building Wissotzky House is opened in Tel Aviv and serves as the home of the large tea manufacturing industry equipped with the most sophisticated facilities in the world. The tea production and packing process is totally automated and so not touched by human hands .A fleet of vehicles carry the prized merchandise to all parts of the country. During this period Wissotzky also greatly expands the scope of its tea exports to countries overseas.


The rate and scope of tea production grows continuously. The factory is moved from Tel Aviv to the new and expansive factory established in Petah Tikva


Over the years the consumption of tea in Israel has grown considerably and the range of Wissotzky tea products has expanded in tandem. Addition machines are purchased for the tea factory to increase production capacity. The management offices are located in Wissotzky House in Tel Aviv neighboring the old factory site.


Wissotzky Tea Company leads the tea sector in Israel with a market share of about 78%. The company produces and markets a extensive range of tea products which includes all the types of tea known in the world including the following popular types:-classic tea , green tea , herb and fruit infusions , rooibos tea , fruit teas , premium teas , and health teas. Wissotzky markets more than 200 different tea products.


The largest tea factory in Israel is opened in the industrial area of Kidmat Galil
The largest tea factory in Israel is opened in the industrial area of Kidmat Galil in the north of the country. The factory is equipped with state of the art technical production and packing machinery that enables the company to meet the great demand for its tea products in Israel and all over the world.


Thanks to its experience and knowledge of producing fine teas and to its corporate culture in which devotion to quality and innovation are so highly prominent, the name Wissotzky has become a highly sought after brand name for tea. Wissotzky Tea Company continues today to ensure its customers receive choice teas of excellent quality as well as faithful service.