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There is nothing like real tea for relaxing and pampering oneself. Imagine the moment the feel of a warm cup, the sight of the clear drink, the delicate aroma of choice tea.
Now take a sip and engross yourself in the enchanting taste which is so loved.

Wissotzky tea company invites you to discover a whole world of tea and infusions, a world full of rich tastes and fragrances.
Tea is more than a drink. Drinking tea is a total experience which stimulates all the senses. Tea is a subject bearing memories and stories of distant and exotic lands.
Tea is a culture interwoven with charming ceremonies. Tea symbolizes tradition in addition to its welcome effect of refreshing and revitalizing us. Tea is a healthy way of life and brings calm and harmony.
The quality infusions of Wissotzky complement the tea experience and offer a collection of wonderful and delightful tastes.
Wissotzky tea company stands at the forefront of the Israeli tea industry and is the leader in promoting the culture of tea in Israel.
Wissotzkys experts strive all the time to develop a rich variety of new types of tea and infusions.
Classic black tea , Green Tea, Red Tea, Premium Quality Tea, Fruit & Plant Infusions , - make up the world of choice teas and infusions of Wissotzky
Meticulous maintenance of quality, expertise and innovativeness These are the foundations of the considerable success of Wissotzky tea company and underscore its position as the leading tea company in Israel.


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